Additive Injection

DKI provides a variety of Additive Injection Solutions suitable for injection of:

  • Lubricity Enhancers
  • Anti-Static
  • Anti-Foaming
  • Anti-Icing
  • Dyes and Markers
  • Performance Enhancing

Additive Injection Module

For an integrated module drop in package, the Additive Injection Module provides a ready to go solution.


Where a site has existing intelligent load controllers, the use of a “Monoblock” controlled directly by the load controller is a simple solution. Easily integrated into existing metering solutions and providing excellent measurement of additive into the drawer product.

Intelligent Additive Controllers

With an intelligent control head control wired to one or more monoblocks, assembled on a ready to go back plate, this additive solution is able to control injection independently. In addition the intelligent additive controller can be networked to a load controller to seamless transfer recipe and actual quantity volumes injected to a TAS system.