Bitumen Gantry

The DKI Bitumen Load module is specifically designed to load liquid bitumen up to 200°C. Being a hazardous loading operation the module incorporates many safety features to protect the operator whilst bitumen is loading. Bitumen may be loaded into trucks via a mass meter or weigh bridge. Modules are constructed in factory and fully tested prior to delivery. A range of optional features allows the module to be optimised for site operations. Modules can be single or double sided.

Bitumen Loading Modules incorporate the following benefits:

  • Safety features including ESD, 3 minute dead man, overfill system, vapour removal, safe fill limits (with Terminal Automation System only)
  • Accommodates multiple truck sizes
  • Addresses various weight and measure requirements by providing weighbridge and/or mass meter custody transfer loading
  • A modular design that fits into a shipping container for a truly global solution and ease of installation
  • Fully prewired
  • Automated arm controls
  • Easily incorporated within a Terminal Automation Sytem
  • Dual truck loading
  • Built to Australian Standards

The bitumen loading module has either single- or dual-arm variations. Modules are shipped to site in large sub-assemblies that allows assembly and commissioning in less than a week.

Bitumen Loading Module