Bottom Loading Arm

The DKI Bottom Loading Arm (BLA) is for loading refined hydrocarbon products into bottom load tanker trucks.

The Arms provide a safe and easy means to load a tanker truck as the operator remains on the ground. Bottom loading arms achieve maximum flow volumes into the tanker truck barrel minimising loading time in the bay.

The BLA, developed from over 30 years terminalling experience, employs a unique design to allow best balance of the arm and easy swivelling. It also minimises maintenance requirements and allows for left or right hand loading situations.


  • Meets API Apron requirements for up to 6 arms in one bay. No need to move tankers.
  • Single length Drop Hose for all arms- reducing site spares inventory.
  • No need to disassemble the balance mechanism to change from left to right hand operation.
  • Dual Gas Strut balance mechanism for safe, smooth easy operator use – avoids back injuries.
  • Balance Swivel bearings are sealed giving long useable life with minimal maintenance – just inspect once per year.
  • Balance Swivels are split flanged for ease of maintenance and replacement of seals. If required, Product seals can be replaced without removing bearings therefore, significantly reducing downtime.
  • Up-down balance tuning is simple, safe and easy to adjust.
  • An adjustable vertical stop provides additional over travel protection to the arm, maximising gas strut life.
  • Dry Brake Coupler seals can be changed without removing the Coupler from the loading arm.
  • The Dry Break Coupler has a 5 cam design for safe, easy alignment with tight fit connection to tanker truck whilst loading.
  • Industry Standard Forged Fittings complying to ASME / ANSI Standards
  • Welding compliance to ASME B31.3

Bottom Loading Arm Sales Brochure