DDue to environmental and oil reserve reasons, it is no wonder consumers are demanding an increase in availability of biofuels at retail outlets. The increasing public acceptance of ethanol vindicates the development of infrastructure for the supply of blended fuel for the domestic market.

Diamond Key International have developed a solution which blends product at the loading bay in order to meet customer demand. The new Sidestream Blending Module is suitable for the measurement and control of a single biofuel blend stream into existing loading gantries.

We understand available space at the load rack for blending systems may be severely limited therefore the Module has been designed with this in mind and has the ability to be incorporated into existing infrastructure. The new module is installed adjacent to existing custody control metering components in a typical loading bay, and hydraulically connected into the main product line via a static mixer, upstream of the main product metering system. The static mixer ensures homogenous mixing of the blend prior to metering and control into the vehicle.

Side Stream Blending

Blending of two Base products each with their own controlled product streams, where one Base product is blending into the other Base product prior to the meter AS BOTH Base products are loaded simultaneously. Temperature of the Drawer product is measured after the custody approved meter.

Hybrid Upstream Blending

The same as Side Stream Blending but with temperature compensation on the blended Base Product.
Note: The RTD position on the Base product is BEFORE the mix point.

Ratio Blending

Provides simultaneously blending of multiple Base products at the same time but where each Base Product delivery line has its own meter and control valve into a vessel via a single line. Each Base Product is metered independently through a custody approved meter and mixes as it flows to create a Drawer products as it enters the vessel.

Sidestream Blending Sales Brochure