Folding Stairs

Where there is a gap to traverse at height and the need to operate in a defined work area, the DKI self-supporting folding stairs allows a safe, convenient and efficient mechanism.

There are many industrial situations where there is a need to cross a gap that is at height and allow work to be undertaken and of course this must be able to be carried out safely. Utilising a pneumatic control system to lower and raise the folding stairs, a gap of 1600mm can be traversed without the need for support on the other side. Operating its movement up and down is conducted from a remote position ensuring complete safety for the operator.

The folding stairs ensures optimal safety for the user, via a number of key safety features:

  • Storage in vertical plane
  • Positive release foot mechanism
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic control system with controlled lower and raise
  • Anti-Slip Treads
  • Safety chains for added “lock” in usage position
  • Proximity detection of “when up & locked”
  • Enclosed work area

The folding stairs is provided fully assembled, tested and ready to bolt in place.

Folding stairs sales brochure