Adynamic breakthrough for single product loading applications, the FMC microLoad.net is an intelligent instrument designed to monitor and control single products in straight loading custody applications. The unit can operate either as a stand-alone instrument or be part of a system where it communicates with an automation or SCADA system.


  • Bulk plants
  • Aircraft loading
  • Marine terminals
  • Processing installations
  • Tank farms

Efficient System Monitoring and Easy Process Management

  • Continuously monitors system-critical functions
  • Automatically corrects temperature per the API and ISO tables and the expansion coefficients for chemicals

Flexible and Configurable Programming and Reporting

  • Ethernet and network compatible
  • Multi-drop communications ports for maximum system expansion
  • Smith Meter or Modbus Protocols for bi-directional communications
  • Boolean and Algebraic programmable software for easy customization
  • Customizable report formats to fit the needs of the application
  • Options for multiple languages, customized messages, and text communication
  • Customizable formats for inputs and outputs
  • Logs events and produces an audit trail

Built for Safety and Reliability

  • Multi-level security access
  • Explosion-proof housing
  • OIML-approved display offers prolonged visibility during unplanned power outages