Slimline Module

The DKI SlimLine Module combines all equipment necessary to provide a safe, accurate and cost effective solution to your bottom loading needs.

The SlimLine uses a unique T-rack design which has evolved from a need for space efficient units. This is especially important when converting from top to bottom loading. This self supporting module has a width of only 1600mm and is comprised of two separate sections – SlimLine Metering Module and SlimLine Bottom Load Conversion Module. It is available with up to 6 loading arms complete with all hydraulic and electrical components required for bottom loading.

Additionally these can be supplied as a Metering Module, which comes fully wired and tested and can be installed in to an existing top load gantry where no metering exists. The outlet pipes are then connected to the existing loading arms or pipes and the supply lines connected to the inlet.

A control system is supplied on a mounting frame and is pre-wired, this frame is mounted on the existing top load platform and connected to the new metering module.

You now have a top load gantry with metering and control.

If at a later date you decide to convert to full bottom loading, simply remove the control module from the platform, take away your platform, and purchase the SlimLine Bottom Load Conversion Module to connect to your outlets.

The control module will mount to the Bottom Load Module as shown in the graphic. The change from top load to bottom load has been completed with minimal down time and virtually no regret cost.

We appreciate that minimising total cost of ownership is a key value driver for our clients. The SlimLine Module has been specifically designed to allow your maintenance staff fast, safe and clear access to all components, making your scheduled maintenance and down time minimal.


  • Total turnkey solution, prefabricated and pre-tested, incorporating all framework, galvanising, electrical, pipework, painting, instrumentation, hydraulics, air reticulation and computerisation.
  • All manufacturing and fit out disciplines are completed, inspected and tested under AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 Quality Controlled procedures at Diamond Key International works.
  • Complete customer Factory Acceptance Test reporting and witnessing if required. FAT covers complete turnkey solution from hydrostatic testing through to computerisation and network testing.
  • All components are certified for use in Class 1 Zone 1 Hazardous areas.
  • The SlimLine Metering Module is supplied complete with Bay Loading Controllers certified for installation in Class 1 Zone 1 areas. These devices integrate driver interface and custody transfer preset metering and control. The units allow a modular metering system to operate in full standalone mode or seamlessly with a Terminal Automation System (TAS).


  • Integrated Overfill Protection System.
  • Emergency stop systems are fully integrated into the design and are installed and tested as part of the turnkey process.
  • All pipework and wiring is constructed, inspected and tested to all relevant Hazardous Area Standards.
  • Deadman Button for bottom loading.

SlimLine Module Sales Brochure