Terminal Information Data Exchange – TIDE, consolidates data from multiple terminal locations into a single data repository to generate Business Intelligence information for terminal operations. With real time insight to current operations, TIDE empowers decision making to transform your operational productivity and terminal throughput.

Using your web browser with appropriate security credentials users can intuitively via a visually rich graphical environment, manage and monitor operations. Select from a wide range of charts, trends and reports that turn site data into meaningful current or historical business intelligence.

What is TIDE ?
• Business Intelligence at your fingertips
• Information Management Tool
• Consolidates data from many Terminals
• Graphical reporting, data grids, charts and trends clear, succinct information display

For Oil Companies:
• Understand usage patterns – peaks and troughs
• Know your Gate to Gate time
• Manage Equipment & Personnel centrally
• Compare terminal to terminal performance
• Predict product stock usage
• Optimise terminal operations
• Ever Ready Site Server Back-Up

For Terminal Users:
• Understand time in terminal
• See current queue times
• Reduce Waiting Time
• Mange your own Equipment and Personnel centrally