Turbine Meter

MV Series Turbine

With low pressure drop, a rugged bearing system, and FMC Measurement Solutions exclusive UPC Compensator providing superior accuracy, the MV Series is the preferred turbine meter for crude oil applications.

The unique helical rotor design of the MV Series turbine meter measures crude oil and other refined products over a wide range of viscosities. Designed to minimize the effect of changes in viscosity, the dual bladed rotor provides increased accuracy and repeatability. The sturdy rotor and mounting system are immune to shock and pressure surges – translating into reduced maintenance requirements and long service life.

Guardsman L Series Turbine Meters

Engineered to precisely measure gas, kerosene, or light fuel oils, Guardsman L meters provide the versatility of either horizontal or vertical installation for truck loading service. With their robust, fully welded stator and rotor design, Guardsman L Series turbine meters are built to stand up to start-stop service.

The diamond-like hardness of the Guardsman L’s tungsten carbide bearing system provides exceptional service life on low lubricating and all other products. Guardsman L Series turbine meters are designed and built to provide complete measurement confidence at the terminal.

Sentry and Guardsman Turbine Meters

FMC Measurement Solutions Guardsman Sentry Turbine Meters feature a durable rimmed rotor and high resolution pulse outputs for high accuracy in large crude oil and refined product pipelines. Guardsman Series Turbine Meters are specifically designed for smaller pipelines. Where repeatability is required it ensures accurate measurement of low viscosity fluids ranging from natural gas liquids to light fuel oils.