Valves & Accessories

Meter Valves

FMC Measurement Solutions offers a full line of the highest performing valves for use with their meters. The 200 Series control valves feature hydraulically operated diaphragm actuated globe valves, and high performance wafer sphere valves.

Flow control is accomplished by using fluid line pressure or an external pressure source to actuate the valve.

Meter Line Accessories

  • In-Line Carbon Steel Strainers with streamlined flow path for lower pressure dropPipeline, marine facilities and crude oil gathering systems.
  • Model GLS Strainers designed specifically for European requirements.
  • Pipeline Strainers – pressure vessel designed and fabricated per ANSI B31.5.

Air Eliminators / Deaerators
  • Model AR Air Eliminator for normal slug air elimination.
  • Model DR Air Eliminator for entrained air elimination applications.
  • Sizes: 2″ to 12″.

Pipeline Products

Meter Prover & Pipeline Spheres w/accessories

High quality, heavy duty spheres manufactured in several compound materials for both meter prover and pipeline applications ranging from cleaning, maintenance, batch separation, commissioning and acceptance testing.

PECO/Maloney Uniball Prover Parts

FMC Measurement Solutions provides engineering support and supplies maintenance components such as backflow barriers, hydraulic power units, detectors and field service.

Sphere/Pig Detectors

Designed to detect passage of spheres, steel body pits and urethane pigs in pipelines and to operate in liquid or gas service at pressures up to 2160 psig. Available in visual indication, electrical indication or a combination of both.

Pipeline Pigs

Foam & Steel Body – Pigs for various pipeline applications such as cleaning, batching, gauging, displacement and separation of products, scraping, wiping and drying of piping systems for oil and gas transmission, municipal, petrochemical, pulp/paper and process.

Flange Insulation Kits

Comprised of sealing gaskets that provide near zero leakage static sealing.

Flange Protectors

Provide protection to studs/nuts, gaskets and flange bodies from atmospheric corrosion encountered in chemical plants, refineries, gas plants, offshore platforms, onshore oil fields and underground pipelines. Manufactured from stainless steel or plastic band, stainless steel worm-gear strap and grease fitting and fit all ANSI flanges 150 to 2500 lbs in sizes 1/2″ through 42″.

Coated U-bolts

Coated with a seamless polyolefin material to provide for elimination of corrosion problems due to metal to metal contact on piping in refineries, chemical plants, offshore platforms, etc. They also reduce vibration and noise levels in these applications.

Other Pipeline Products

Scraper Cups & Discs; Night Caps; Casing Insulators/End Seal.